A Nice Guy’s Secret to Dating Beautiful Women Online

Side view of beautiful young woman dating online on laptop at home

Over the last 10 years men have flocked to online dating as a great way to meet other singles, largely because it works, and is a fun way to meet girls. Women, on the other hand, are often terrified of meeting a guy she’s been talking to online. Most of the time it is only the negative stories that hit the news… and, I must say, it is wise of them to be careful when it comes to online dating. It’s not only a wise thing to do, but it’s vital if they want to meet a nice guy. But you are no weirdo, so how do you go about showing them you are a nice guy just looking for the right girl?

Well, to begin, you must have patience. You should not try to find out her personal information like her name or where she lives. Let her offer this information if or when she is ready. Your conversations online should be light-hearted and fun. There should be no attempt to rush her into a face-to-face meeting.

Secondly, you should not attempt to fake your appearance or economic standing. Be totally honest about your physical appearance and job. She’s going to find out these things anyway, so you might as well tell the truth about yourself from the beginning. A good relationship is always built on openness and trust.

You want her to have a picture of what your life is like being a genuine normal guy. So send her a picture. Not just a head shot, but a picture of you doing all the stuff that you normally do. If you don’t have one, get someone to take a picture of you playing basketball with friends or sitting at your desk at work. This will go a long way to ease any fears she may have about meeting a guy(you) she has met online.

If you progress to the stage where you would like to meet each other, arrange for the meeting to take place in a public place. A coffee shop in the city is often a good idea. You can even suggest she bring a friend along if she wants. Once she is over her initial fear and meets you she is sure to see what a great guy you really are!