Celebrate Your Love In NYC With These Amazing Date Ideas!

Planning a date doesn’t have to be complicated, especially in a city as stunning and iconic as NYC. Instead of spending a day watching Netflix, move out and plan something special. In this post, we are discussing a few ideas on how you can spend a day better with your partner.

  • Jazz it up. New York City is known for many jazz clubs, and we promise that the experience would be worth every penny. Find a jazz bar and check their calendar to find special events and shows. It is best to book in advance and reach the venue at least 30 minutes early to get the ideal table. You may become a fan of this genre!
  • Head to the Museum of Sex. NYC has over 80 museums, and while you may not be a fan of regular ones, a visit to Museum of Sex is an absolute must. You can understand and explore many things about the history of sexuality, and more than that, there are quirky and fun things on display.

  • Ride in bike in Central Park. Dating and Central Park go hand in hand, and you can rent a bike here to spend your time in the park. This is a great idea for couples who are in NYC on a vacation and even for locals who want to spend time together while burning some calories. If you have NYC Explorer Pass, you can get full-day rental bikes too.
  • Try a food tour. There are many options in food tours, and for those who love to eat out, this can be a gastronomical experience. The good thing is many foodies meet up on these tours, and you can even plan a double date. When we talk of food, we are not talking of pizzas and cheeseburgers, but real, local food!

  • Go for an evening cruise. What can be a better way to end the day than trying an evening cruise, watching the stunning skyline. Evening cruises are fun and more importantly, you can explore another side of NYC. Some of the cruises have drinks and food on offer, so you can always check for options.

NYC is anything but boring, and as a couple, you can find one reason or the other to step out every week. Just book the tickets for shows and events in advance to avoid last-minute disappointment and enjoy your day with your beloved.