Dating an Italian guy: What every lady dreaming of an Italian partner should know

Best advice on dating Italian guy

If you want to date an amazing Italian guy, then you need to understand his culture and traditions well. Find out the best tips on how to date Italian men and find the love of your life

Italy is a real-life paradise: people all over the world are in love with Italy because of its amazing nature, history and culture. People come there to relax and enjoy their lives: the country itself seems to be made for resting and having fun. It’s hard to stay indifferent: that’s a place you want to live in or at least come there as often as possible. There’s no secret that being there makes people romantic: it’s extremely easy to fall in love with the locals and the vibrant atmosphere of this country. Lots of people meet their partners while visiting Italy or using online dating services because Italian people are definitely worth dating them!

Italian men are well-known for being captivating and charismatic: everything from their neat appearance to their passionate personalities makes them irresistibly charming. An Italian guy has a fire inside which is seen in the way they cook, speak, joke, date and make love. They are full of personality and it’s never enough of them: their emotional and cheerful behaviour is almost addictive. Italy will definitely make you love delicious food, dancing and singing as much as relaxing and enjoying life at your own pace: it’s a country of joy and pleasure for millions of tourists every year.

If you want to have relationships with Italian guys, then be ready to understand their culture and dating customs: even though they are not formal and every person is different, people from different countries often have some qualities which can help to describe them. While most of them are often very stereotypical, the others are true and extremely useful for everyone trying to understand Italy. To date Italian guys you need to remember that:

  • Italians love their families. That means that their family bonds are extremely strong: they will never do anything which can be disapproved of by their parents (and especially mothers, because a mom takes a very special place in every Italian man’s heart). They love spending time together and they always do everything they can to help their relatives. It’s customary there to respect the elderly and listen to their opinions, so if your Italian partner’s mother doesn’t like you, then you probably won’t be dating soon. It’s extremely important to make a good first impression on his parents: this condition is key for your relationships;
  • Even though many Italian men prefer their women to cook due to their patriarchal upbringing, they can cook amazingly delicious dishes. Italian cuisine is believed to be one of the best in the world: they can create a masterpiece from basically anything, so even a simple pizza turns into the tastiest thing you’ve ever tried. Even though Italians love food, they somehow manage to look gorgeous: beautiful Italian climate, active lifestyle and fresh healthy ingredients are the reasons why both Italian men and women look stunning;
  • They have style. Actually, great Italian taste is seen in everything they do: they know how to take care of themselves, they decorate their houses perfectly, they have created an amazing part of classical art, sculpture, architecture and lots of other things. You should have a good taste as well to win an Italian guy’s heart: they love healthy, well-groomed, well-dressed and naturally beautiful ladies. For instance, Italian women tend not to use lots of heavy make-up: they look gorgeous but they want to keep the natural impression and effortlessness;
  • Italians tend to be late. Their humble and relaxed pace of life makes them a bit irresponsible about being on time: it’s pretty normal to be approximately 15 minutes late in Italy. Knowing that you shouldn’t be too mad at your Italian partner for such thing: just relax and slow down your pace of life a bit;
  • Italian guys are chasers. They love their women playing hard-to-get: it’s an essential part of the Italian dating game. It’s pretty customary there for ladies to flirt by rejecting their potential partners in a playful manner while their men kinda ignore their rejection and try again and again. At the same time, “no” means “no”, so if you’re firm and deadly serious, then no one will press you or insist on anything.

As you may see, there’s nothing extremely extravagant in dating an Italian guy. Remember that if you’re lucky enough to meet the only one for you, then it’s not important whether he’s a foreigner or not: love can overcome everything. Meet your amazing Italian lover and be happy!