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Politicians of the US have declared porn to be a health issue; this statement was emphasized by many reporters and many media commentators warning viewers about the health and psychological damage porn causes. There is no legitimate substantiation to support these claims. The effects of porn on young viewers are also not well documented. Most research linking porn and health issues are cross-sectional. The research work is based on current or past consumption of porn with potential current risk behavior and other traits. Most studies take a prejudiced, pre-determined view on harms rather than on the benefits of porn.

An empirical study conducted on young Brit citizens about sexual practices. The research was conducted on young people who come from the different socio-economic backgrounds. The participants did not have any particular sexual orientation, but one common ground was all were heterosexual. When one uses pornography as sex education content, this could result in specific health harm. Young men were unaware self-lubrication, and slow penetration is essential even in anal sex. They were also ignorant that mutual consent is crucial in a sexual relationship. The non-use of condoms is another drawback.

There are many myths regarding the potential dangers of pornography, but in reality, such occasions are very rare. The typical health harms regarding pornography advocated by media are not supported by testable evidence. Many people identify porn with their love-hate relationship. People with abusive relationships hate porn but cannot completely ignore it. They hate what it makes them remember and love what it offers, a short escape from the anxiety, an elusive sense of worth, and a mirage of love. These people seek love in porn, as they in their life love were all wrong.

Lots of countries where pornography is freely aired are more equipped to treat women as equals, to grant them more dignity, status, and rights. On the contrary, where pornography is banned, women are more considered as objects of sex may not be a justification for high definition, streaming video porn as potential addiction. But people with skew views on pornography have to do a lot of explanation of how porn works in real life. Get More Info log on to this site.