How Can a Buried Penis Be Treated?

A buried penis refers to a rare condition where the shaft of the penis is restricted or hidden.

There are a number of reasons why this condition can occur, including obesity, abnormal skin growth and excess fatty deposits around the groin area. Male enhancement procedures that use fillers are a possible solution for a buried penis because they are able to release the penis from the tissue that is holding it back.

When administered by an experienced medical professional, fillers can help men with buried penises boost their confidence levels and experience a better sex life.

Complications Associated with a Buried Penis

In most cases, a buried penis is a condition that is present from birth but factors such as a faulty circumcision, fluid buildup, ageing and obesity can also create this effect.

Regardless of the condition’s cause, the penis will be pulled back by the tissue and skin surrounding it. Men with a buried penis are more prone to experience psychological and physical problems. For example, infants with a buried penis can have difficulty urinating. These are some of the problems that adult males will experience:

  • Trouble pulling back the skin over the head of the penis
  • Trouble maintaining a stream of urine
  • Feelings of insecurity and inadequacy in the bedroom and social situations
  • Difficulties maintaining long-term romantic relationships
  • Skin irritations and infections caused by sweat and dampness
  • The need to sit while urinating, which can affect confidence levels.

Treating a Buried Penis

The treatment that is used will mainly depend on what caused the condition in the first place but the CALIBRE dick growth non-surgical procedure is still one of the preferred options amongst men with a buried penis. This innovative procedure will release the penis from the tissue and skin that is holding it back, providing the patient with additional length.

The other solution is to get rid of any excess fat and fluid that might be present in the area. In severe cases, skin grafts may need to be applied to the shaft so that the penis can expand naturally and normally.

Why Take a Cosmetic Approach?

Men are choosing to take the cosmetic approach to treat a buried penis because of the benefits that it offers. By using this tried and tested method, men can improve the appearance and function of their penis without having to go under the knife, improving their physical and mental wellbeing.

Patients who have opted to receive this treatment have experienced higher levels of self-esteem and an improved sex life that also spills over into their relationships.

If you are interested in penis fillers, it’s important to understand that not just any doctor is able to administer these injections. A medical professional who has the necessary qualifications and experience with this delicate procedure is the only person who should be treating conditions such as a buried penis. Take your time to do your research and find a reputable clinic that comes recommended by others.