Secret of Attracting Women

How can you attract women? What do you need to do and how to do it? This is what we are going to discover in this article, what attracts women and how can you become an attractive person to them.

According to the latest statistics, the most sold books nationwide are romance novels, and they are read essentially by women. If you go to a book store, pick a best seller romance novel and go read it, you will likely say to yourself: “I don’t understand!!” Women, their emotions, behaviours and desires are totally unknown to most men.

We tend to see women only on the outside, the looks department. Women are very sensible creatures, they have a very different brain from us guys. They judge things emotionally. We tend to see women’s needs with our own eyes, that’s why we fail.

Have you ever given a gift to a woman (roses, chocolate…) only to hate you later for doing it? This is what I mean by “We tend to see women’s needs with our own eyes”.

The secret of attracting women is to see them as different beings, and look for their true needs, not your interpretations of them.

So, what’s the secret of attracting women?

From my studies and discoveries, I’ve discovered many characteristics and behaviours that will attract most women.

They are three.

The first one is: Self-respect.

You must possess it in order to attract women. It is the ability to say no to situations in which you are harmed or where you will create harm for others. These situations can be a bad relationship, a person trying to take advantage of you… Women will respect you for this and most importantly will feel very attracted to you. Women are looking for mature confident guys who can take care of themselves and others.

So how do we cultivate this characteristic?

We do it by always recognizing bad deals when presented to us, most of the time it will be the woman herself presenting you with bad deals, it is what we call a “Test”.

Next, you need to say no.

The second one is: Self-consciousness.

It is simply the ability to know what pleases you and what’s not, what are your needs in life. From my own experience, most men are only looking for a woman. No particular type, no necessary traits, just a woman willing to take them. This is very dangerous and frightening to a woman. Women are looking for men who can take charge and be counted on when in danger, not the other way around.

To develop this trait, you must decide now what you need in life, the type of woman that attracts you. Her physical appearance, her personality traits. For you to be serious about this, you must take a blank paper and write down what a woman needs to have for you to let her in your world.