Tips For Making Your Ceremony Unique and Romantic

Weddings are made to be creative and personal. Every detail of your wedding can show a part of you and your creative ability. From the personalized wedding favors to the personalized favor boxes that you give them in can show how much you care by adding your personal touch. The wedding ceremony is no different. There are several things you can do to add your personality to your wedding ceremony and make it as romantic and alive as you are. Here are a few tips that you may want to consider when putting just the right personal spin on your wedding ceremony.

Wedding by candlelight is one way to go that will make your ceremony and even your reception drip with romance. Do away with everything electronic and just go with the natural beauty of fire. This is especially effective if you have your ceremony at night or just after the sun goes down. Place a few burning torches in the guest seating area so that no one has an accident and then pour on the candles at the alter. Getting married and saying your personalized wedding vows by candlelight will give your ceremony a great look of romance and pays homage to those brave ancestors who always got married by candlelight when they had night ceremonies.

During your ceremony by candlelight, have a violinist off in the darkness so that no one can see them. This is easily achievable by putting them behind a blind so that they can have a candle to see by but you and your guest cannot see them. Just as you start to exchange those romantic vows, have your violinist play a sweet and romantic number. If no one knows this is going to take place, it becomes a memory for your guests that will last forever. Imagine how it will feel to your guest as they sit in the semi dark candlelight listening to the beautiful vows when all of a sudden, sweet violin music starts drifting in on the warm summer breeze.

Fragrances add something to an event that instills a calm and romantic atmosphere unlike any other. Just as your ceremony gets underway, have someone light the sweet oil burners downwind from you and your guests. Sweet lilac or other beautiful, aromatic flowers mixed with the alluring fragrance of vanilla will soothe your guests and have them talking about your wedding for years to come. Another benefit of adding fragrance to your wedding is that it instills the memory with a connection to the event. Years later, every time you or your guests smell the same aroma it will turn back the clock to that magical moment during your wedding and the memories will come flooding sweetly back to mind.

Guest interaction is another way to ensure that your friends and family never forget your wedding. During the ceremony, you could instruct your guests to say something special and have them repeat it a few times at key points. A simple saying like “Our Love Is Forever” or “Love is Beauty” spoken by your guests in one accord, by candlelight, with sweet music in the background, and the sweet fragrance wafting on the warm summer breeze will create such a special moment that no one will ever want to forget.

Finally, a moment of silence for meditation or pray that your wedding will be one that is special and that your love for one another will endure for all of time is a way to get your guests to participate and help you make this romantic and wonderful wedding what it should be, a magical moment in time that no one will ever forget.