What to consider when you want to buy dildos in Canada

There are some points to take note of when you want to check out dildos for sale in Canada. You need to consider points like if it can fit into a harness, vibrating or not, texture, colour, material, shape, and size when you want to buy dildos in Canada. We would take a look at these points below:


If you love prostate or G-spot play then curved dildos for sale in Canada would work perfectly well. Note however that it might feel bigger and could be a bit too rough for anal play if your toy has bumps and ridges.

Buy dildos in Canada at Pleasures N’ Treasures store, while buying remember that the majority of them are made out of four different kinds of material, namely acrylic or glass, soft skin, silicone, jelly or elastomer. Each choice has its advantages and disadvantages. This is why as long as you know more about your choice your final selection would be easier to make.

Acrylic or glass dildos for sale in Canada

You simply have to check out acrylic or glass vibrators if on your shopping list is the desire to buy dildos in Canada. Most people go for the rather smaller sizes because these toys are really firm. Besides, it is well known that your dildo would feel bigger inside if it is firmer. Most glass and acrylic dildos are only held by hand. They are also not mountable because they do not have a wide base. However, they are easy to clean and have range in price just like silicone dildos.

Soft skindildos for sale

Also known as Cyber skin the Soft skindildos for sale feel amazing because it is made of a material that is remarkably realistic. It feels like a penis because it has just the right blend of firmness and flexibility. It can be tricky to clean the soft skin. You would definitely want to cover it with a condom because it is really porous. The soft skin also gets sticky after you wash and dry it. In order to deal with this, you can choose one of two methods: either you dust it with cornstarch or you can store your dry soft skin dildo in a plastic bag.

Silicone dildos for sale in Canada

When you want to buy dildos in Canada you would want to go for those made from silicone. This is because they are quite popular due to their price ranges, their ability to quickly adapt to the temperature of the body, and their flexibility. These toys have a lot of styles from pleasers that are simple to vibrating, bumpy, and curved. Most silicone dildos are quite durable. They are made from pure silicone which is hypoallergenic and non-porous.

Elastomer or Jelly dildos for sale

These dildos are not expensive and this is why they are the number one choice for anyone who has never used a dildo or they are not convinced of what sizes to go for when they want to buy dildos in Canada. These dildos vary in price and quality. Also, because they are quite porous these jelly dildos can be quite difficult to clean. As a rule, all jelly sex toys must be covered even when you might be the only person that makes use of them.