Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend – Is it Possible?

Break ups are totally devastating even for a man particularly if he still has feelings for her. Goodbyes are never easy. But to break up with someone does not have to be the end of everything for good. You may still have a good chance of winning her back. Yes, it is still possible to win back your ex girlfriend. You just have to know how.

Find Out the Real Problem

The same with any other issues, you cannot solve a problem unless you know its root cause. So before you take any further step to win her back, determine first what really went wrong. What was the problem? Why did she walk out of it? Was it because of a third party? Are there any needs unmet? Knowing the answers to these questions will help enlighten you to come up with the next suitable course of action.

Give Time and Space

Be patient and give her space and time to let her think things over. You may be dying to hold her in your arms once again but you certainly cannot rush her to make a decision. Allow her the time she needs. If you really want her back, then don’t go calling her almost every hour just to beg for another chance.

Act Cool

No matter how bad or hurting you feel inside, do not show it. Keep your cool and never appear as a loser. No girl definitely wants or needs a loser. Try to look unaffected and keep your focus on how to better yourself. Positive change always comes with second chances. As she takes her time to ponder on things, you also take the time to assess yourself. Find out your weakness and your flaws and work to correct them. Recognize which aspect in your relationship you failed. Perhaps you lost the excitement, the traits or the touch that you used to have. Whatever it is, bring it back to win your former girlfriend.

Mingle With Others

It also helps to go out and be with the company of some friends or other women. This may stir up a degree of jealousy for the part of your ex girlfriend and will make her realize that she too wants to have another chance with you.

Stay Friends

You may have said goodbye to your romantic relationship, but you don’t have to call it quits to your friendship. Do not hate each other. You still do care and love her, don’t you? So stay friends and it will be easier for you to win her back if you are in good terms with each other. This way, you can still hang out even with a group of friends and it is a good opportunity to let her see the good changes in you. Maintaining your friendship helps in gaining back her affection, confidence and trust.

It is tough and painful to see the end of what used to be a beautiful relationship. But the heartache does not have to be forever. You can still mend your broken heart and go after that one person that hurt you the most. If you are certain it is worth taking chances, then you may do so. Win back your ex girlfriend and take a second shot at love.